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Consumer Rights

The Regulation on the Application Procedures and Principles of Distance Contracts regulates the right of the consumer to withdraw and this item is as follows:

Cayma Article 8 - Consumer; within seven days from the date of receipt of the goods in distant contracts related to the sale of goods, without any legal or criminal liability, without any justification, refuse the goods and have the right to withdraw from the contract. In the case of distant contracts for service provision, this time begins on the date signed by the contractor. If it is agreed in the agreement that the performance of the service should be done without expiration of 7 days, the consumer may use the right to withdraw the money to start the business.

The costs arising from the use of the right to withdrawal belong to the seller or the supplier. Contracts for immediate service in the electronic environment and for goods delivered immediately to the consumer are not subject to the right to withdraw and to the use thereof. Even if the delivery of the goods is made to a person other than the consumer who is party to the contract, the consumer can use the right to withdraw. In this case, the seller receives the goods from the third party in accordance with the provisions of the third paragraph of Article 9. Consumers can not use the cayma in the commodities which are produced according to the special wishes and demands of the consumer or made special to the person by making additions to the change.

Furthermore, the consumer shall not be entitled to withdraw his / her right to withdraw when the property is unable to be returned due to its quality, and the goods which are likely to be deteriorated rapidly or expire. If the seller or the supplier fails to fulfill the obligations specified in the sixth or seventh item, the seller or the supplier shall correct the deficiency within thirty days at the latest. The period of time in this case starts from the date on which the information that the deficiencies have been corrected has been delivered to the consumer in writing.

Otherwise, the consumer is not tied for seven days to use his right to withdraw. If the price paid by the consumer is partially or wholly obtained by the seller or supplier, or based on an agreement between the seller or the supplier and the lender, the credit agreement will also terminate without any obligation to pay any amounts or penalties if the right to withdraw is used. However, for this to happen, the withdrawal notification must be forwarded in the form of a credit report.

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