We are continuing our service sector in 2010 under the brand name of 'Creative Jersey'. We have served many important institutions in Turkey. We give great importance to companies and organizations that trust us in this way and work with us by keeping product quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty on the front panel. By browsing my references, you can review the brands / institutions we have been serving since our organization.
We would like to mention our references to your brand / institution if you are satisfied with your products and services.

"World giant Microsoft introduced Windows 10 with the form we made last year. As we continue our way under the name of the Creative Jersey brand, the forms prepared for Microsoft Turkey, which we manufactured as a supplier of Creaj, attracted great interest. We have always been pleased to use our products that we have prepared by enjoying the work we have done and taking care of the consumer / customer satisfaction while still being satisfied with our customers / customers. You can review the form and design we prepared for Microsoft Turkey by browsing the images in the Microsoft Windows 10 introduction videos on the side."