Make Soccer Jerseys - Teknolife Story

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On behalf of TeknoLife Company, Yunus Bey has contacted us by reaching with the search for 'halısaha formma' on the internet in order to have a special form for his team. We will contact our customer representative by agreeing to purchase the Borussia Dortmund 2012-13 soccer form together with their teammates on the shirts on our site. In this regard, the team representative of our customer, the color change on the design, team leader, sponsor advertising, name and number prints were able to be done. Yunus Bey completed the order form and sent the logos of TeknoLife to by mail. The design work was done over a 10-minute period and was approved by our customer. After the payment process was completed, the production process began. Yunus Bey was particularly pleased with us about the production period and his production plan was made accordingly. Since there is a time constraint, it is better for them to come and take the products themselves, so they come to my workshop in Florya to check and receive the products. After the production of our customer's products was over, contact was made and the football form was delivered. Our customer representative received his comments on the product by calling Yunus Bey; "We showed our team that we have competitions with our competitors in the tournament that we have joined the league in the tournament.The fabric quality, color quality and print quality are very good and we have ordered before and we do not expect such a professional form. "The main goal of is to present the formality that our customers want, with it, always with our customers and ensure the safety of our products after the order. What is important is the functionality of our products after the customer has sold the product. --- You can contact our customer representatives and make your dream form to have your own dream football form like Yunus Bey. You can apply your own custom colors on the form, add your own teammate, sponsor logon, name and number.

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